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Originally Posted by dedalus
If that's true you've drifted badly from your one and only point, but that's fine.

We actually don't disagree. Fletch was the guy who came closest to calling this a hobby. I actually don't think the owners see owning a team as a hobby. I think they see it as owning a business but one which they own primarilly for fun and prestige.

It is a hobby in the sense that they don't require profits from it to survive; they make their money elsewhere. It is a business in the sense that it demands more money and more oversight than probably any hobby that you or I will ever know.

It is neither fish nor fowl, and to try to label it as either is far too simplistic.

In SOME cases? Come now. If you can't even concede the most basic of facts, arguing with you is pointless. Every last one of them own a sports franchise at the highest level for the prestige. It may not be the only reason, but it's one of the top three in every single case.

I see this as the crux of the problem. You take personal umbrage with the idea that owning a team could be nothing more than a hobby. I can't understand why that would possibly bother you so much. Even if owners actually felt that way, why be offended by that mindset? Why would you care how they view their ownership? You're there presumably to watch what's happening on the ice. Does this guy's hobby provide you with entertainment or not?

If he looks at it as a hobby but his "hobby" wins a Cup, do you care? No. You revel in your championship.

Likewise, if the guy sees it as the most important business he owns, but the team sucks year after year, do you care that the owner thinks of it as a business? Of course you don't.
Some franchises were handed down from in Dolan! And honestly I don't think I drifted from my original point at all. If things are as dire as they say, then those who are losing their shirts have good reason to look at a possible sale of the league. I'm sure as part of the sale, they could include a permanent suite or box of their choosing. Then they could enjoy hockey without the burden of having to make a simple business decision like how much to pay for a players services.

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