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Originally Posted by HawksFan37 View Post
I go through a long winded discussion on the cap at my blog: In the third part I illustrate how a Huet to Rockford buyout may be key. But the Coles notes version I have is this..

1) Assume the cap is $57.7M
2) Assume Sopel is rid of (retire, traded, Rock)
3) Assume Huet is in the AHL (the big leap and most questionable assumption)

I wrote that before the playoffs so I'm going to add...
4) Sharp moves to C permanently
5) Niemi and Hammer might get more than $4M combined

Given that...

Buff (3M)-Toews (6.3M)-Kane (6.3M)
Pecker (1.2M) - Sharp (3.9M)- Hossa (5.25M)
Ladd (1.9M) - Bolland (3.4M)- Brouwer (1.03M)
Bickell (0.525M)- Dowell (0.525M) - Skille (0.85M)
Burish (0.75M)

Forwards total: $34.9M

Keith (5.54M) ? Seabrook (3.5M)
Campbell (7.14M) ? Hjalmarsson (2.0M)
Lalonde (0.6M) ? Hendry (0.6M)

Defence total: $19.4M

Niemi (2.0M)
Crawford (0.9M)

Goalie total (2.9M)

Total $57.2M (0.5M to spare)

So it's not completely impossible to only have to trade 1 of Buff or Versteeg. And I do recognize that my assumptions might be slight reaches and the reality may dicate both are gone, or maybe Ladd goes instead. Also, instead of carrying a 13th F, you might want to use that money to upgrade the 3rd D pair.

Are there issues? Of course. Is it as dire as other teams fans make it out to be? Perhaps, but there are always solutions to any problem.

Apologies if this should have been in the Apocolypse thread. Feel free to move it there if you choose mods.
I like what you have done here, and how you have shown that this team really isnt going to look that terrible.

I agree that the big two problems are Sopel and Huet. I am sure somehow we can get rid of both of them in any type of manner, so those two players are the key.

Also, Andrew Ladd is gone. No way he sticks around. He is a bottom 6 forward that can be replaced by Beach imo. Save the nearly $2 mil by letting him go. We have Beach, Bickell, and Brouwer who all can play the same style...need to give these kids a chance at a fraction of the cost.

I agree that maybe only one of Sharp, Versteeg, or Buff needs to be moved. I firmly think it will be Versteeg as he is too inconsistent at times, and plays the perimiter a lot. Buff is WAYYYYY to valuable with the role he plays...defense, offense, power forward, grinder, whatever...the guy needs to be kept just for the playoffs alone.

Sharp could be a player moved as well....the guy makes a good amount of money, and would help land a pretty nice young top 6 player down the road, or maybe even a first round pick in the right package. Though I dont want to lose Sharp, I think we could survive without him and Versteeg if we need to.

Burish will need to give a hometown discount to stay here...though his raise really wouldnt be that much on the open market imo.

I think projecting Lalonde into our top 6 is very generous...this kid is going to need some AHL seasoning no doubt. The job goes to Connelly at this point, so the financials are very similar for the two players.

If Kopecky is in our top 6, then we are truly screwed!! In all honesty, that dude has hands of stone...and I aint talking about the great wrastler' Ronnie Garvin. Kopecky makes some serious money for his little production, so dont be shocked if he gets moved as well.

Bottom line is next year wont be armageddon. I think it is overblown with fears towards our salary cap. Look how many teams are in similar situations? There are at least 7-9 teams that are going to have to sell next year...not sure who all these buyers are going to be.

Is our team going to look different next year? Ofcourse, but it will look different in the way the Pens look these past few years. Still ultra skilled with top end talent, and the rest are filled in with young up and comers, and competitive players that can fit our system.

Here is waht I project for next year




Richmond----yes, the same Danny Richmond....unless Lalonde really shines, he may be the best bet we have..



w/ Fraser, Aliu, and Sweatt as first call ups


Keith, Seabrook
Campbell, Hammer
Hendry, Connelly

Byfuglien, Toews, Kane
Beach, Sharp, Hossa
Skille, Bolland, Brouwer
Bickell, Dowell, Kopecky


this is ofcourse assuming we dont trade for any cheap NHL talent in return, and that we will be filling all our spots from within. I still feel this team will be able to add at least a body or two from the outside instead of going with all this long as we lose Huet, Sopel, Ladd, Versteeg, and maybe Kopecky as well...that is a nearly $15 mil in salary for this group of players....

either way, we will be just as young as this season, but just as competitive as well....

cant wait to see Beach and Skille get full time duty next year...should be exciting.

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