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05-11-2010, 01:21 PM
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A lot depends on HOW the HUET contract is handled...


1. Trade him. This assumes some team wants a $5.625 million cap hit/yr for 2 more years AND that they want him as their goalie--that is 2 big IFS...

2. Buy him out ... Spread the cap hit of half his contract over the next 4 yrs...
THat means $5.625million / 4= $1.40625million cap cost for a non-roster spot for the next 4 years AND saves $5.625m -$1.40625m = $ 4.21875 million for each of the next 2 yrs in NET cap savings ..IF you add in Verstteg+BUF's cap hit that is
just under $10.3 million in cap savings..Whether that is sufficient to keep SHARP or BOLLAND is the question...If they could trade Sopel it might be...

3. ROCKY eats HUET's contract (plays in Rockford or is lent to a euroclub while Rocky pays his salary)..that is asking Rocky to pay a total of $ 11.25 million FOR NOTHING ...It would save $5.625 million in cap space per year for 2 years withy no further extended cap costs after that..
That probably does save SHARP or Bolland from also having to go ..

IF option #1 is prefered: THEN in that scenario we probably do have to take less than trade value for other assets put in the deal (Versteeg and /or Buf) to entice the other team to help us by taking Huet off our hands...SO IF a team is willing and able to do us that favour they probably insist we get very little back for Versteeg and or Buf) ---eg. all 3 for a mere 7th rounder (but they solve our cap problem in one swoop).

IF option #2 or #3 are preferred THEN we can trade Versteeg and BUF individually or as a combo or in combo with other asets /picks to get back proper value in picks and pick spots...

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