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05-11-2010, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
False. This is simply false, and if you watched good goalies on bad teams you'd understand how false this statement is.

GAA is a team stat.

SVPCT is a goalie stat.

RBIs is largely a team's stat.

OPS is a hitter's stat.

Our team defense was DEMONSTRABLY better throughout much of this season (even under Stevens), yet our SVPCT stat dropped notably. If that's a team stat, I would like an explanation of how that happened given improved team defense play.
Save percentage can get skewed either positively or negatively by the team as well.

For instance, in terms of a stronger offense versus a weaker defense, the stronger offense will stay in the zone longer and, often times, get more shots against.

Granted the more you pepper a goalie, his SV% stats could go up even if he lets in a number of goals.

His SV% could also go down against a team that's not necessarily trying to pepper him but, because of a weak defense, is trying to get quality scoring chances against resulting in more goals per shot fired.

Then again, in the case of a weaker offense versus a stronger defense, that defense would in theory be able to keep a heavy chunk of the shots, regardless of how many a team can send at the goalie, from being "dangerous" shots.

That would create an artificial inflation of SV%.

Also, there could an artificial deflation of save percentage against a strong defense as well if the team does manage to score on a few opportunities but is generally stopped from getting a lot of shots off. So the SV% goes down, but the "end" (the GAA) does not necessarily have to change.

The GAA is an end regardless of how you get there. SV% can be a means to that end, but it is not necessarily THE means to that end. It is another goalie stat directly effected by the team.

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