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05-11-2010, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by macgyverthatshiz View Post
I am not trying to come off like a d-bag, but I was just curious why so many beginner players always want to get $200+ sticks. I am a beginner myself, started out with a $35.00 Easton wood stick, then progressed to a Warrior Bentley composite for $70.00, which I am currently using, seems like a really good stick for the cash. My advice to beginners, buy a cheapo stick to find your shooting style, especially slap shots, as you WILL break sticks learning.
All my sticks retail for between 2 and 3 hundred dollars now. I have to add that it took me a year to find a curve that I liked then I picked up two rebellion black line red (Wayne Primeau) from the leafs equpt. sale back in early Dec. and my curve has changed drastically from malkin bauer One85 to this crazy open heal curve.

I still use the One85 for playing defense since it is such a long stick.

I did not pay even close to retail for any of my sticks. as a mater of fact I have never paid over $100.00 any of my sticks.

My shot has improved and has become more consistent since upgrading to higher end sticks. The weight in your hands makes a big difference if you are playing 2 hours of shinny with one or two guys on the bench.

But I did start with an easton classic $35.00

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