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09-29-2003, 05:15 PM
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My first game report this season. First time I see a Habs game, thanks to my new EV satellite.

I won't waste too much time on the veterans, because most of them weren't playing for a spot.

The kids, first.

- Garon was ok. Is trying too much the athletic save, but is caught often out of position, which could lead to trouble. Comes with experience.
- Plekanec. I read on this board that this kid would never make it to the NHL. If this kid plays that way all the time, he could play a couple of games as early as this season. My god, this kid is a mini Krutov/Kovalenko mix. Fast, bulky, great moves, good hands, energy... He's not far from the big show. In fact, of all the young kids, him and Ryder were the most impressive. Much, much more than Higgins or Perezhogin.
- Higgins. You can see he's got talent. But he's got a step to catch up. He'll have a fine season in Hamilton.
- Ryder. This guy looks 10 times stronger than in Hull. Solid forward. Hits, takes a hit (which is an important part of the NHL game), has great hockey sense. Will make this team this season, I believe.
- Ward. Disappointment. As much as he had a jump last season, as much as he was always behind the play against the Leafs. Not a good sign.
- Dagenais. Waste of roster space.
- Ferland. Promising but still too shy. He needs at least 2 seasons to make it...if he ever does.
- Hainsey. Boy, has life been hard on this guy since last season. Unfortunately for him, even though Traverse and Dykhuis are lousy d guys, he's a goner. Coughed up the puck about 10 times tonight, created some serious giveaways at center ice because he took bad decisions. Mini Brisebois. Ticket to Bulldogcity.
- Komisarek. Tried to do too much. Sure, he could hit, but he tried the fancy passing wayyyyy too many times. It resulted in about 5 counter attacks in the Habs zone. Could be a better asset being more physical and less fancy. But you can see that he's got a great future.

Now, the vets.
- Traverse. This game (and all the others) cost him his job. If Gainey saw this game (I'm sure he did), he probably saw a soft loser, who coughed up the puck numerous times without even giving a second effort to get it back, a smooch who was responsible for the 3rd goal. A nuisance.
- Dykhuis. He's at the end of the road wearing the glorious CH. Soft, slow, scared. A non factor.
- Brisebois. Was pretty excellent until the 2 man power play, during which he decided that a slap shot was a brilliant idea while 5 on 3. Man, they teach that in pee-wee hockey... I miss those Stastny brothers, who KNEW how to work a PP, specially a 5 on 3. The penalty that Bouillon took was a direct result of that mediocre decision. And on the 3rd goal, he stood in front of the net doing what he usually does: nothing.
The rest of the vets were just going thru the motions.

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