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Originally Posted by ComrieFanatic View Post
What's with all the Nebraska hate? Outside of the last 6 or 7 years, they've been a pretty strong program. I realize their academic standards aren't as high as the other Big-10 schools, but I'm sure they would improve once they were added.
Its the academics.

Its the same reason I laugh when people place BYU in the Pac-10. There are more than football to decisions like this when it comes to conferences, and prestige is ridiculously important to these school presidents. The Big Ten is on an island as it stands with their standards. The Pac-10 has some great schools, but it also has the Arizona schools and Washington State. This is one of the reasons why I've been pushing so hard for Pitt to the Big Ten because it fits the conference perfectly in every regard, except for the apparent fact that because Pennsylvania is already in the Big Ten's reach its unnecessary to include one of the most academically prestigious D-1 programs in the country.

I can only imagine how different life would be here at the University of Montana had the Grizzlies stayed in the Pacific Coast Conference.

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