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05-11-2010, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by MontrealHabitant View Post
Most of yours points are addressed in my post above.

But what do you expect ? Plus right now, it is showcasing young players, at least that's the path Canada and USA took. ( with so so results, as it should be expected)

I'm sure younger Europeans players enjoy this very much right now, the issue at hand is that this is supposed to be a serious tournament and not a showcase for young talent, but this is a complicated issue considering the NHL hardly can deal with the Olympics, don't think they're willing to deal with the WC's.
I´m glad that you´re willin to agree that the NHL is also at fault for the current situation of the WHC.

However, yes Canada can showcase their young talent with their depth, so can Sweden now. Wouldn´t really say that what US is doing right now is showcasing though. But other teams don´t have this depth and if they play their young Euro players they need some leadership from the NHL guys, just like the guys before them got.

Say whatever you want but Jágr is right, the majority of previous generation Czech and also Slovak NHLers had a much greater attitude towards the WHC and the national team. IMO Pavol Demitra played with a broken finger at the WHC in 2003, can´t really imagine a guy like gáborík ever doing that. Because these players felt like they owned something to the countries that brought them up and thought this was the best opportunity to give back.

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