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05-11-2010, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Danish Pastry View Post
damn... well then it is sad imo... if the tourny is that important to the Czech's then I would hope all their best players would want to go...

it may just be the mentality of the players...

i think most north americans think much more of the NHL playoffs than anything...

personally for me stanley cup >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> int. gold
Yeah, itīs a different mentality. The majority of Europeans prefer international succes over club succes. And many young European players grow up dreaming about playing at the WHC alongside of dreaming about the NHL as well.

One more thing that many people might not realize, is that this is not good for the popularity of hockey in CZE at all. Of course there are the die hard fans who care about the Extraliga and NHL etc., but the majority of Czechs watch hockey mainly during international play. Plus the lack of succes on the international level can mean less money from the government in favour of other internationally succesful sports. Plus letīs not even talk about the sponsors, it is quite different to get them for team winning golds and for one having trouble to make it into the quarterfinals. This could mean diaster for Czech hockey, even a bigger one than it already is.

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