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05-11-2010, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
Fair counter-points. Either way, the point I'm making is that the play of the team does influence the number and nature of shots a goalie faces. It would seem you agree with the concept but not the example, that's fine.
I agree that team defense influences what a goalie sees, but what I would argue is that if you look at the shots goalies face it looks more like

(quality shots)% + (mediocre shots)% + (weak shots)% = total shots faced.

That relationship remains relatively constant between teams. Some teams absolutely make their goalie work harder, but they make them work harder across the board...thus their SVPCT isn't terribly affected by the team, but their GAA is.

That's why if you look at the shot totals teams allow, there's almost ZERO correlation between shots faced and SVPCT.

WHOA. I never argued the irrelevance of goalies in a team's svpct stat. That's a bit of a straw man you're tearing apart (via the extreme you took my original point to). My point was that the team's play effects save percentage (therefore goalie stats are team stats). Not everyone on the team is equally responsible for those stats, obviously the goalie bares the lion's share of that responsibility, but the team's influence is still there.
The post you responded to was me engaging with Shafer, who explicitly stated that goalie stats are "team stats."

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
There's far too many factors and variables to prove anything outside of understanding the basic principle that goaltending stats are a team stat as opposed to a "goalie stat."
SVPCT is a goalie stat.

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