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03-06-2005, 01:13 AM
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I am a Right Handed shooter:

One time I did this deke accidently. I was dribbling the puck. <---I don't know how you call it but going back hand and forehand not shooting but dribbling. (If you know another word for it let me know) I accidently had the puck right under my blade and I think I was dribbling with it back and forth under my blade and fake pushed it to the right side of the net and brought it back to the left side and sort of nudge it pass the goalie <-- (didn't use the forehand or back hand: puck was still under my blade) He was sort of on his knees trying to block my first nudge(fake) and tried to block my other shot by reaching over and falling down to his side to block it with his body and I slid it by him under his body in the nick of time.

Kinda cool. He was a big goalie too!

After wards I was thinking which NHL'er did it and I remember Phil bourque did it once but he used the toe end of the blade. <--- that looks harder to do but looked so cool doing it.

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