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09-29-2003, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd
You are right. I don't believe the pure goon has much value. I don't see how PJ Stock beating the crap out of Stephen Peat is going to stop Brendan Witt from knocking the snot out of Sergei Samsanov. Stock is not going to be getting in Witt's grill about. It just doesn't happen. But I understand that there is a need for a player like Stephen Peat. On the other hand I can never imagine Peat being a 3rd line player like Steve Konowalchuk. As Semin or Gordon not being as good a 4th line player as Peat. The GM and the coach have already spoken on that.
Last year Henry played 38 games. Peat played 27 games. Do do the math. Thats nearly 25% of the games where neither played. McPhee has said that its very possible that the Caps will go with a none traditional 4th line..without the grinders because with Semina and Gordon and Sutherby they can role 4 lines. He said the last time they ran 4 lines they went to the finals. So, its not just me that's talking about keeping one fighter and dressing him against the right teams and scratching him for another plan against other teams.
I guess we can agree to disagree, but I will bet my team would kick your team 9 times out of 10. Also, when Peat was up with the Caps as he was in Portland last year after his injury to his hand, he dress for 90% of the games he was available to play.

And, yes the Caps went to the finals with 4 lines, but also had Simon, Hunter and I think Tinordi. the Caps were a tough team, played tough. They weren't loaded up with soft Euro's who need a policeman type to make sure they don't wet their pants when the going get tough. Also, the game has changed, and it changes every year, dictated by some degree on the make up of the Stanley Cup Winner. The line up you are suggesting will get their lunch fed to them by teams out west, if they get that far, but teams like Philly, Rags, Toronto to name a few, play a type of game which is the last man standing wins. I know you understand the need for a guy like Peat and henry, but i believe in time, and given a chance, these two can contribute as forwards. I didn't say penalty kill, but energy line, and maybe shut down line. Yes the Caps are big, but don't play big. Look at a team like Detroit, they are not that big of a team, but play big. With the addition of Hatcher, the need to have a second enforcer other than McCarty is not there.

Lets keep this constructive, by coming up with ideas, rather than, carve up the house McPhee built. One positive thing, is the emmergence of guys like Gordon, Sutherby and Semin. But, hopefully, they are not 4th line players,and if they don't unseed someone off the 1st or second line, maybe they should get quality ice time in Portland to develop their game. Sitting at the end of the bench, waiting for Jagr to get tired is not the way to get better. I can see Semin replacing Miller next year, Gordon replacing Halpern and Sutherby replacing Lang. I see Mcphee continuing with the plan to get younger and cheaper.

Now as far as 4th line players, no big deal, does it really matter who plays 4th line, as they will not see the ice that much anyway. So, if you want Peat or Henry gone, I will waive my magic wand, your wish is my command.

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