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05-12-2010, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
You talk about the $6 million...but if it was about the $$$ why did DL have no problem trading for Ryan Smyth and his god awful contract.

Would you rather be paying Cammy $24 million over the next 4 years or Smyth $12 million over the next two?

I'm sure we will hear the "Smyth is a DL type of player" excuse, just like Williams, Calder, Stoll and Stuart were DL players also.

DL clearly doesn't like players like Cammalleri and Visnovsky, which is another reason I don't see us signing Kovalchuk, he isn't a "DL kind of player"

If you ask me, this team needs more skill players and less "DL type players"
My thinking is...

Cammalleri had one shot at becoming unrestricted, especially at a time when he is entering his prime and he can earn the most money possible in an open market. It is his one big ticket to earning a fat contract that will cover most of his earnings as a professional athlete.

After signing a big contract, he isn't going to have much left to provide and isn't going to earn as much. With that in his mind, he was dead set to test the free agent waters and see what he could get on the open market. Montreal came calling, he found it to be a desirable location, close to home, lots of money and a long-term deal. It was the perfect fit.

I'm happy for what Cammalleri has accomplished, was a big fan of his since his college years and I still like watching him perform. But I can also accept the fact that he had no desire to stay here. Cammalleri clearly wasn't going to take a home team discount, and at that time, that is what the Kings were looking for, a player who can show commitment to the organization like we saw from Kopitar and Brown when they took discounts and were willing to forgo the free agency process to sign long term extensions.

They also got Quick locked up to a bargain price. We will likely see that happen next with Doughty and hopefully Johnson and Simmonds soon thereafter. Who knows, maybe Kozun can develop into the next Cammalleri. He has the same spark in his game.

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