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03-06-2005, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by paxtang
I've read your posts. If you had simply made a reasonable explanation about how you thought Eager was not talented enough to be anything more than a 4th liner, I would have simply agreed to disagree. You never did that, you just made posts about how "Eager sucks" or "Eager will never be more than a goon "..

In previous post I have stated why I felt Eager was nothing special. Once I posted my reason for coming to that conclusion I did not feel that I have to continue to post it.

Originally Posted by paxtang
You saw a guy play twice last year, and decided then, that he sucked? That was my point in my previous posts, I know you said you saw him this year, but you've been harping against Eager since last year. Two games isn't nearly enough to see anything about Eager. And no matter how may times you've seen how, I don't know how you could have NOT seen that Eager is a good skater, a good hitter, and has a hard shot. Those are just facts. Him putting his game together to be a good player is another thing.
I did not decide Eager sucked from just two games. I decided he sucked from the articles I read about him, conversations with other hockey fan and yes, talking to a sports writer's son who said "his father saw Eager as nothing more than a future 4th liner. In addition, I knew a little bit about him before the trade and saw very few reports about him being a special prospect. If you recall, Phx hockey fans almost killed the GM for drafting this guy. The 2 games that I saw him play in were after the trade and only supported my earlier conclusion.

Eager can skate and hit but so could Billy Tibbits. See my point.

Originally Posted by paxtang
I never bought into the hype from Eager after camp that he was goign to be a big time powerforward, I knew enough about him before hand to know that (remember, I'm a fight fan, I knew who Eager was). People always come away from prospect camps high on players. Tempering fan excitement and simply bashing a player because of limited viewing, a natural pessimistic view, and talking to a sportswriters son (you've got to be kidding me with that one ) is another thing. But that doesn't matter. I would one hundred percent agree with you that Eager wasn't worth a 1st round pick, and that he will never be a John Leclair. John Leclair comparisons do not = a third liner. Eager's skill package does makes him a great candidate for a third liner. Somehow, you've equated that since he won't be a 30 goal scorer, he's a 4th liner. Way to go.
I equated since he won't be a 12 goal scorer, he's a 4th liner!

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