Thread: Confirmed with Link: Flyers Sign Sergei Bobrovsky
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05-12-2010, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by captainpaxil View Post
and fails to accomplish his job on a regular basis. the shutout is the equivalent of the end to end rush for a skater. the level of play by the majority of goalies in the league is just simply sub par. theres a handful of guys that are worth the money and the rest bleh. and then when you consider the money plus additional assets youd have to part with to acquire a guy and how few can perform at that level game in and game out and then year in and year out its the smarter move to build the hockey equivalent of a power hitting team. if you can develop a goalie hes an incredible assett but pinning all your hopes on a guy when theres maybe 6 guys out of all the guys drafted in the last twenty years who can effect the game the way a skater can well then its just too risky.
It's impressive that you can type all this with your head in your butt. A goalie's job is not to get a shut out every game, the same way the defense's job isn't to get zero shots against every game, or for the forwards to score infinite goals.

An end-to-end rush is one goal, solely as a result of the skater's hard work. I'd say that's worth precisely one miracle save, not an entire shut out game.

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