Thread: Confirmed with Link: Flyers Sign Sergei Bobrovsky
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05-12-2010, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
It isn't true, I agree completely. It will say however, that (IMO) it becomes less false as the strength of the defense increases (not only in terms of GAA, but also save percentage).
Yes, but not much (if at all). Osgood didn't enjoy a significantly different SVPCT in Detroit than he did elsewhere (in fact he was pretty much dead-on the same). And if ever there was a team that protected the living crap out of their goalie, they were it.

I will also note that in the era of salary cap, goalies are actually MORE important than they were previously. Because the salary cap is distributing talent and there is a very real difference between a top 10 goalie and the rest... In the old days, you could spend on your skaters to mask your goalie deficiency (either by outscoring teams, or outdefending teams), much harder to do now.

As for the GAA: RBI :: SVPCT: BA.....probably true, I was just making the point that there are stats that are composite individual/team stats.
There certainly are, but SVPCT isn't really much of a composite stat. If it was, you'd see some correlation between other team defense metrics, and it just isn't there.

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