Thread: Confirmed with Link: Flyers Sign Sergei Bobrovsky
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05-13-2010, 03:25 AM
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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
It's impressive that you can type all this with your head in your butt. A goalie's job is not to get a shut out every game, the same way the defense's job isn't to get zero shots against every game, or for the forwards to score infinite goals.

An end-to-end rush is one goal, solely as a result of the skater's hard work. I'd say that's worth precisely one miracle save, not an entire shut out game.
no its that lesser standard your setting that has you confused. its not infinite points its 82. how many point pergame players are there? thats what it is to post a goals against less then 1 or a save% of .95. the amount of talent available is skewed the other way. its the huge dose of offense that shows how bad the average goaltender really is. when a skater gpes end to end hes just beaten the entire other team for a goalie to do the same thing is for all 5 skaters to post up and smoke a bowl with the linesman down in the offensive zone while the goalie faces 5 on none. thats what a miracle save is ever see 1 happen? me neither. a goalie is on the ice for 60 minutes but he plays in short spurts. the rest of the time hes just another dude watchin the game. how many mistakes a guy makes in a 30 second shift vs how many a goalie makes in a 6 second flurry. a great goalie can really impact a game but most of the guys playing now ? mehh.... not so much

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