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03-07-2005, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by bleeding blue
Wait, Forsberg was the reason that Colorado won those cups?
Who said that?

"What did Forsberg's team do last year when they didn't have a HoF goaltender?"

What have the Flyers done for the past 25 years, even when Lindros was healthy and on top of his game?

"Two flukish developments led to the Avs' "winning" the trade."

I would say it was more than "two flukish developments". The trade was an outright fleecing of Philadelphia. I have no idea how you can argue anything different.

"Did Philly make out bad? Well let's see, they at least made it to the Cup, they got a new freakin' arena built because of it, and they have been an Eastern power since the deal. "

This is a ridiculous argument. You cannot possibly sit there and tell me that Philly made out in that deal. Nor do I understand how you can tell me that they did not come out second best by far.
Ask any Flyer fan who got the better part of the deal. Ask any Vikings fan, who got the better part of the Hershel Walker trade.
Did Philly make out bad? I would say YES. Or maybe you think that their new freakin' arena would not be standing if instead of Lindros, they had Forsberg, Ricci, Simon, Duchesne, Huffman, Hextall & 2 first round picks. You can look at that and honestly tell me that Philly "made out"? Come on.

"It isn't Lindros' fault Bobby Clarke just gets hosed on deals and couldn't find a final piece for the Flyers. "

Maybe if he had not given away all of the above, he would have been able to.

"Hey, if Sidney Crosby has the same skill that Eric Lindros had then I'd give up the same value that Philly gave and take my chances that Crosby doesn't turn out to be made of glass."

That's fine. You are more than entitled to your opinion. But those that do not learn from history............
Don't get me wrong, I would do a backflip if Crosby wound up a Ranger. However, if offered a Walker-type or Lindros-type trade, I would take it and run and never look back. That type of trade can completely rebuild a franchise that has nothing. But understand what type of trade I am talking about. It is not everyday that such lopsided trades are offered.

"I'll take a new MSG, a decade of Eastern dominance, the best player in the game, and a shot at the Cup."

And I will take the actuall Cups that are won and much more of a dominance (an effect still felt by teams years after the trade). Colarado has been a powerhouse since that trade and are still reaping the benefits. What does Philly have to show for it? A brand-new arena? Ohhhhh........What can Philly show that Colarado can't? Or, better yet, what can Colarado show that Philly can't? The answer is pretty simple.

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