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05-13-2010, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by werash39 View Post
Decent article although the Crosby-Ovechkin debate is just starting to get stale.

My only issue is that most pundits seem to firmly believe that Crosby is a very good defensive player and one of the best "two-way" players in the game. I don't see it. He routinely makes poor plays in his own zone and fails to cover his man. He more than makes up for it on the other end but just because he is a center (which is a more "important" position than a wing) they think he is automatically good in his own zone.
It's a combination of being a center and being Canadian that makes people assume he's a good two-way player. The guy averaged 19 seconds of PK time in the playoffs, almost all of it late in games in which the Pens were trailing and were sniping for shorties. I think that kind of says it all about whether his own team considers him to be a "very good" defensive forward.

And as I've said for years, if you just look at the frequency with which opponents score when Crosby is on the ice, he's a defensive liability. Over the last two years (regular season), Crosby has been on the ice for 30 more even-strength goals against than Ovechkin (20% more) in almost identical minutes (Crosby has played 3322 minutes to Ovie's 3309, a 0.4% difference). This year, normed for even ice time, the numbers aren't even close. And nobody is calling Ovechkin a masterful two-way force, nor can anyone rightly say that the Caps have some sort of magical defensive core or goaltender which would account for the difference.

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