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03-07-2005, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan
Just to note, Maffy would have almost definately stayed with the Pens absent a clause in his contract that significantly (by Millions) bumped his pay if he played in 25 games or more. I am not positive that it would have been a great move for him development wise, and bumping him up and down certainly was not great for him as far as developing goes, but I have my doubts that he would have been sent down absent that clause in his contract.
This is true.

The thing about fleury's development is that, he pretty much achieved all that he could achieve in the juniors so going back would be dumb, i mean achievement wise he didn't do much on a poor team, but he would have been barely challenged in the Q, as demonstrated by that end of the season dominance.

He ran into the same paradox as dan blackburn with the rags in his first year, except the rags could pay him. Blackburn achieved everything in the juniors, he was to raw for the NHL, but too good for anything else.

Which just goes to show the AHL has a retarded rule for age limit.

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