Thread: Confirmed with Link: Flyers Sign Sergei Bobrovsky
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05-13-2010, 03:28 PM
sa cyred
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Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
For those who do not want to read through the entire debate, a paraphrase:

What Chris believes:
-elite goalies are few and far between and that most goalies are comparable, much more so than teams to one another; therefore, it is a waste to spend an extra few million on a goalie that will put up similar numbers to a cheaper option and would rather use assets on skaters.

What Jester thinks Chris believes:
-goalies don't affect a game at all and everything is dictated by the skaters on the ice

What Jester believes:
-goalies are a combination of both their own skill (shown by SVPCT) and the skill that surrounds them (GAA). *insert a million stats to prove his point here, after ignoring all stats that could possibly poke a hole in his hypothesis, of course*

What Chris thinks Jester believes:
-goalies are all that matters and the team in front of them does not make them what they are at all

What I am the Mush believes:
-goalies are awesome, has he mentioned that he plays goalie?

What Agrudez believes about Jester:
-Jester always brings very poignant arguments to the table and almost always supports them with very compelling statistics, but has a physical inability to admit when he is wrong, perhaps a pre-existing condition or a hereditary trait?

What Agrudez believes about Chris:
-Chris obviously knows what he is talking about, but often times sees things through a different tint of the glass than everyone else. Perhaps Paul Holmgren holds his **** when he pees?

What Agrudez belives about I am the Mush:
-Mush fairly accesses situations; however, he often expresses his opinions in a derogatory way, especially if you offend his grammar sensibility. Perhaps he has Vietnam flashbacks of 3rd grade English class?

What those three probably now believe about Agrudez:
-What a *****

The thread war is now resolved as everyone involved has found a common enemy.

Now, how about that Russian goaltender guy?
Now that part was good..

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