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05-13-2010, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Nordic View Post
He's sucked in Tampa too, been an healthy scratch on that defensively challenged sorry excuse for an NHL-team.
I respectfully disagree with you.

For being a European rookie, who hasn't played a day in NA, he has more than exceeded the expectations put upon on him. Most European players need to play in the minors for quite some time to even get what is happening on an NHL sized rink, especially defenders.

Hedman has done well, and in the WCH he is still adjusting, which was very obvious on a couple of occassions when the Czech forwards snuck by him on the outside.

I do like OEL. I like him a lot, but playing in HA is quite different from playing a long grueling season in the NHL. The benefit is of course that OEL has had more time to practice and most likely built up a little bit better confidence. But, to compare the two right now is a bit odd. Just wait and see how OEL will do in the NHL. I have no doubt he will be a mega star, but I'd lie if I told you it would happen over night.

Like all other rookies, such as Hedman, OEL will have stretches of awesome, good, decent, bad, and awful games. Managing the ups and downs is half the trick in that 82 game marathon.

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