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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
yeah the Venetians and other trading power in Italy were finished when new trade routes were discovered, their wealth just dissolved away...same thing was pretty crippling to the Ottomans and whoever was running Egypt at the time (don't recall.)

I've focused a lot on Roman history, up through the Byzantine empire, which kept me up to speed on Venice and stuff. I've only got a rudimentary understanding of Brit history after Elizabeth though, and almost nothing from 1820ish-1914.

i've made up for it by using HBO's documentary to educate myself in the field of Flyers lore.
I will tell you that a lot of departments would probably be thrilled to get someone coming in that subject it's a lowly represented area. The problem would be that you seem to be somewhere between the history and ancient history department area.

You're thinking of the Marmaluks I'm assuming.

And while I think new trade routes were probably a key factor there, it was also a matter of the expansion of maritime technology. The Venetians and then the Portuguese did a very good job of maintaining a maritime advantage over Europe for some time before losing it...but once it was gone, they were F'd.

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