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05-14-2010, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I will tell you that a lot of departments would probably be thrilled to get someone coming in that subject it's a lowly represented area. The problem would be that you seem to be somewhere between the history and ancient history department area.

You're thinking of the Marmaluks I'm assuming.

And while I think new trade routes were probably a key factor there, it was also a matter of the expansion of maritime technology. The Venetians and then the Portuguese did a very good job of maintaining a maritime advantage over Europe for some time before losing it...but once it was gone, they were F'd.
actually, the reason im not wrapping up grad school right now is that not a single school accepted me (so much for that 650/630 GRE), according to what they told me when i asked, is that i didn't really fit in to a program there. my supposed safety school, VT, actually told me they rejected me for my own good...unfortunately i didnt get into UPenn, despite family tradition, because i really just am not qualified to jump into grad there.

the venetians were real awesome at building galleys, but galleys arent so awesome at doing anything outside the Med, or compared to anything built but the continental powers in the 16th century on. its weird to me that such an innovative society couldnt adapt, but i guess by that point their naval tradition was too firmly entrenched.

and yeah, Mamluks

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