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05-14-2010, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Sakich View Post
question for the Swede fans - are MPS and Omark ready for the NHL?
Omark is not NHL material right now. He has some hands and some imaginiation for sure, allowing him to shine a bit, but he si way too passive without the puck, and defensively he will be a nightmare. Omark will need to spend some time in the AHL before he cracks a first or second line in the NHL on a regular basis. My guess is that he gives it a bit of a try, get sick of it and move back to Europe to cash in on the talents he has.

MPS can be all that and a bag of chips, but he has to learn how to fire on all cylinders, every moment, every shift. He has the tools to frustrate and expose any NHL defender but he needs to learn how to consistently challenge them, intimidate them with his speed and skill, torpedo the damn net with himself and the puck, instead of going behind and around it. Like many Swedes, he doesn't see the path through his guy as an option, but keeps searching for a way around him, allowing defenders to stop the attack by simply staying in position and keeping a stick in the passing lane. Having said that, plain mean attitude is something many kids in the NHL can develop quickly, and if he gets that, he will be awesome.

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