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Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
I doubt their is any liquid moisture "drained", but I bet it works to some extent as water vapour is driven off due to the temperature gradient-warm foot to cold rink air-even though the holes are pretty small.

This process also cools the foot, so it may reduce sweating as well...again, in a small way.
Bingo! One of the laws of thermodynamics is that heat follows [chases] cold so, in effect, some of the heat will move from the inside of the skate to the outside via the holes towards the ice. Along with the heat will be water [sweat] vapor as warm air holds more moisture than cold air. The ice acts as sort of a heat exchanger both dehumidifying and cooling the foot. It's probably not a substantial amount of moisture/cooling but, perhaps, enough to take the edge off....

FWIW my Reebok 11K's have holes in them (factory) and I have noticed that my skates/footbed are a bit drier than my old CCM Tacks were...


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