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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
Does it bother you that I'm not a mindless sheep, that I dare to question something like this? I know when people have original thoughts and they question others, they intimidate others not capable of thinking on their own.
Sounds like what you are doing to a lot of posters as well there buddy

Also, one thing in your little foot in the tub analogy is that your bare foot on the drain is impermeable and will not allow water to go through our foot. In a skate, your socks and the footbed are permeable (unless you waterproofed it for some odd reason).

Therefore, when your sock gets saturated and your footbed gets saturated in the scientific term of the word (saturated means that a material becomes so soaked with a liquid that it can no longer hold any more of that liquid) the excess liquid will begin to pool in your skate. The holes drilled will DRAIN that pooled liquid onto the ice as well as allow some cold air into the skate.

If you see any flaws in my scientific logic, please let me know because according to your logic, things such as groundwater would not exists because there is sooo much soil that all the water would get absorbed!

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