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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... LOL. This should be posted on Snopes as the definition of "urban legend". I find it curious that it's just A-OK for Lombardi to trade guys the day before their NTC kicks in (like Visnovsky), yet Blake is a ****** for not waiving his NTC and taking advantage of the concessions he earned through negotiation. It's OK for the GM to exercise his rights, but not the player? As for how Blake played in his second stint here ... well, he led the Kings in ice time while surrounded by a mostly ****** team and in front of poor goalies. Did you expect all-star level results?

As for what went down 2000-01, and the whole ripping off of the C -- it's pointless to go over it a decade later, and the fact of the matter is that the C was pulled off a day after Kings threatened to trade Blake if he didn't accept the team's terms. The Kings didn't even negotiate with Blake; they kept the same figure they initially had in training camp and didn't bother to make any concessions until the season was more than half over and Blake had already said he was done talking about it. The Kings said Blake would 100% test free agency, and he of course didn't.

What I find interesting about all of it was that the ONLY people bitter at Blake were (and are) misinformed Kings' fans. Not his teammates, or ex-teammates, or coaches, or executives -- no one but a group of bitter fans of a losing team who felt the need to boo someone. I always found that telling. And if Blake DOES win the Cup while wearing the C, the bitterness toward him will be that much easier to dismiss as sour grapes and ungratefulness. He's a leader and a winner, he was a big part of the best success the Kings' franchise ever had, and when he was let go he found success elsewhere as well. The facts fly in the face of your bitterness, but hey -- by all means have fun with it.

... No one has ever said it was all Cammy's doing, nice try though; everyone's given Halak credit for being the MVP for Montreal in these playoffs. We've merely said Cammalleri has been a key factor in their success, which he absolutely has. Not bad for a guy who wasn't wanted here.
thanks for your accounts on the Blake situation. it was around the time when i became a fan and every thing i read on the subject was Flake this, Flake that. now my only reason for not liking him is his lopsided head and the fact that he signed with a club he declined a trade to months before. i know it was his right to do so but it gave me the impression that he would sign another contract with us. Did we attempt to re-sign him that offseason?

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