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03-07-2005, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Matt13
But lets look at it another way.

In the past, the only delicate flower of the bunch was Ziggy Palffy. With him gone we no longer have to always worry about someone who really cant handle himself. I hope to see Luc back, but with this season off IMO I doubt if he returns. It wasnt the heavy's we had to worry about hurting Ziggy. It was Adam Mair and Todd Simpson that did that, both of whom can be handled by Cowan, Avery, etc. It was Andy Sutton, who took out Allison. A big guy but not a heavyweight.

Of the top heavyweights most are what I refer to as "gentlemen". There is a code amongst them that even though they are fighting they know when to quit and dont fight other fighters who are non heavyweights. I am not sure, but knowing Atlanta when Cowan fought Cairns it wasnt because there was another big out there, it was because he wanted to.

Ill take 4 Middleweights (Cowan, Avery, Gleason, TK, Quintal) over 1 Heavyweight and some other non fighters anyday. The Kings are now a team that is not only talented, but very very tough.
I liked the way you looked at this. Things are looking in a good direction for the Kings in this regard.

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