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03-07-2005, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr7andcounting
If we got the first pick I would trade down. I would not trade with a team in the eastern conference and I would trade down no lower than 5th or 6th in this years draft. But you have to consider what would come back to the Rangers for Crosby. You are looking at a top 5 pick in 05, a 2nd rounder this year, probably a 1st rounder in 06(which makes it 2 top 10 picks in 2 years, if not 2 top 5 picks) and 2 top line prospects. You can form the core of a team through this trade alone.

The Rangers clearly lack depth as far as top line prospects go, so I would rather make a trade and get 3 or 4 top line prospects rather than make the first pick and have 1 top line guy.

Besides, one player doesn't win a championship. For those who say the trade wasn't the reason the Avs won their cups, it was because they had so many top level players....well that is exactly why I would make this trade. I want Forseberg and 2 other top line players rather than just Lindros. I want Tyutin and 2 top 5 picks rather than just Crosby. If the Avs had selected Lindros first overall, they wouldn't have had some of the guys that were intrumental in winning their cups. But instead they made the trade and built their team around what they got. On the other hand, the Flyers made the trade and built around what they got and look where that has got cups.

From a Philly point of view, they were going to be a good team either way, trade or no trade. I wouldn't say making the trade for Lindros was the reason they were solid for many years, but I would say it is the reason they haven't won a cup in that time period. They could have used one of the 1st rounders they gave up to get a goalie (their ongoing weakness for many years) and had Forsberg centering Leclair and Renberg...I think that team would have been even more succesful than they were with Lindros.
You're missing the point, Crosby is a slam dunk NHL player, better than Lindros, not quite at the Gretzky or Lemieux level offensively! I don't care how many prospects you think you can get, either way this team is still in the basement, and will take several years to rebuild. I'd rather rebuild with him than without him!

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