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05-14-2010, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by halfeze13 View Post
I was thinking about posting this same topic but thought i would wait til at least we made the finals glad you did first

The way i would like to see it: Blake (doesnt even raise it, just passes it straight face)-Nabby-Marleau-Thornton

The way it'll most likely go down: Blake-Thornton(crying for 10 min)-Marleau(crying for 5 min)-Nabby(eh, its just another win)
Doesn't even raise it? Blakey hasn't had the cup in awhile he's gonna raise that **** and kiss it. Marleau will DEFINITELY cry more than thornton, something about him makes me think he's a cryer.

Nabby wants that cup more than anyone, he'll take that **** and run away to russia and never come back hahah. I think he's going to show some emotion for sure, maybe not as much as thornton or marleau though.

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