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Originally Posted by hemskyhemskyhemsky View Post
From what I gathered from other posters, it's his last year of mandatory military service. Everyone has to do it. And due to the Finnish agreement with the NHL, he's free to sign at anytime. Why wouldn't he sign?
Actually, finnish military service is only 6 months and Hartikainen allready compleated it. And everyone dosen't have to go to military service. Second option is civil alternative service, where you help old peapole and so on. Third option is jail : )

Anyways, I from the same city as Hartikainen, and KalPa, where Hartikainen played is obiviously my favorite team and I have seen him play a lot. As you all know Harikainen is a strong player who drives to the net. He's really hard to knock out of the puck actually 'cause he has an exelent balance. Actually, there was no man in SM-Liiga (the finnish league) who could check him so that he would fall. He's is really good protecting the puck. His normal shift was that he hold the puck in the corners like a minute by himself and then drove to the net and make the other team make a penalty : ) And I'm not joking here. He usually scores most of his scoring chances. He also is a good leader and is best at the end of the season and in the playoffs. But there are also so minus things. Allthough he plays in front of the goalie in powerplays, he just dosen't screen the goalie. He's not a very good skater, but it was enough for SM-Liiga. But in the smaller ice, where game speed is a lot faster? Well, training helps : )

But anyways you just got the most promising player of Kuopio since Olli Jokinen. And you will love him after two years : )

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