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09-29-2003, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by tritone
How about just not spending your hard earned money on a hockey ticket if you are unsatisfied with the product?
If you are disliking what you are paying for why return constantly ?
It seems to me that by not going you would be taking away the most important thing to the team...MONEY

And by not going to a game and NOT booing you are also providing a much more pleasant atmosphere for the real fans .
You have the right to boo because you pay 150$ ... my heart bleeds for all the poor Boo-birds that feel cheated out of their money .
Did you think that just because you paid for a game that all of a sudden every player on the ice is going to give their 100%

How would you like it if i came to your job and booed you every time you made a little mistake ?

I agree 100% with what Gainey said and I'm apalled that some people have the gall to even attempt justifying this stupidity. If you don't like it DON'T FU...ING GO ANYMORE and find another damn hobby/past-time or why don't you try getting on the ice and showing Breezer how much better you all are.....bunch of couch potato wannabe hockey is sickening. It really is.
The fact is I like the habs, I like Markov very much and Koivu and I lot of people and I also agree that booing a player will not help the team. I don't consider myself as a booer (since I booed only once) but I respect the fans more than the players. If my job was in the showbuisiness and people were booing me, maybe I would think about changing job.

The fans don't like Brisebois and they claim it loud, this is their only way to make him know. Why it is such a disgrace?

By the way I would really like to have a chance to show Brisebois that I'm just a garage hockey player. Not really relevant your last paragraph...

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