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03-07-2005, 08:18 PM
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Down on the Farm.....

Ok, so I'm taking a look at teams in the AHL and their point getters. I can't see how as a team/organization, the Phantoms can be one of the top teams, yet their offense stinks. Not one player on the team is averaging a point a game. If you take a look at other teams in the AHL, they at least have one player who is close to averaging a point or over a point a game.

I know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but the defensive system we're using is having a negative impact on our youngsters. We need kids like Umberger and Sharp to have some skill in their game and the kids are losing it by playing trap and crap hockey. I've never been an advocate of Hitchcock defensive hockey and if these two youngsters are having difficulty scoring in the AHL, then I hate to fathom the kind of development that Ruzicka, Carter and Richards will all experience.

I'm pretty choked at how horrible offensively we are. And there is no way that it can be justified by "oh we play good defense" or "the team is young" kind of statements. I take a look at the Binghamton Senators and all their youngsters are tearing it up. It's time to let the reins a little loose and let the boys play some firewagon hockey. It's time to let Sharp and Umberger use their offensive skills to dictate a game.

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