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05-14-2010, 08:09 PM
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From the Pirates, Jose Tabata is drilling the ball in Indianapolis. I think he's about equal in prospect value to Tony Sanchez, and Sanchez was ranked 60th. He should be a bit higher around the list somewhere.

There are a few top guys who should be in the majors soon, but I'm not sure Jennings is one of them. The Rays are in too much contention to deal Crawford, and they're not going to start Jennings' arbitration clock to split time with Upton or move Zobrist permanently to second base. Hellickson's the same way for them. Garza, Price, Shields, Niemann, and Davis aren't going anywhere until the offseason. I guess there's a chance they bring him up as a reliever to start (just like they did with Price), but he's not in their rotation anytime this season.

Chapman's still very raw, and he's struggling with control for Louisville so far in AAA. The Reds need to be careful with him. His throwing is unbelievable, but he needs to get better at pitching. Major Leaguers know how to take walks. He's walking 5.1/9 innings in AAA, and that's only going to rise. Plus, the Reds' pitching is fine. He should be a while. Call him up much later in the season, especially if they stay near contention.

Alvarez is an interesting case. His power is absurd, and he'd be the biggest bopper on the Pirates right now if he was called up. There's the arbitration clock situation with him, though, and his defense is fairly poor. If Andy LaRoche keeps clubbing as well as he has been, he's not going to be rushed. It might be exciting and sell tickets if they called him up, but they should be in no rush. He's hitting a shade over.250 in AAA. If he starts to absolutely dominate, he comes up. Otherwise, he should stay. The Bucs are pretty likely to bring up Tabata at some point, though. Lincoln, too, though that's much less certain.

Storen comes up pretty soon from the Nationals, I think. He'll be after Strasburg, but not too far after him. If Jordan Zimmerman ever gets his arm healed well, that's three huge pitching prospects for them, plus some good young arms already in the bigs (Capps, Clippard). They could be really good in a few years.

Stanton will get called up in Florida at some point. Their outfield is hitting for virtually no power whatsoever, and he's just what the doctor ordered for power, average, and basically anything.

Also, watch for Freddie Freeman in Atlanta. He's doing fine in AAA, and the Braves can't keep Glaus and Hinske at first for too long.

I'm interested in any feedback.

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