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05-14-2010, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by obanga View Post
I've heard about Alvarez being switched to 1B because of his poor defense and size no? He's got pretty crazy power.
I think it would work, but the front office has come out and said that no such plans exist right now.

I think Santana will come up after super 2 or something. Cleveland's catchers are not hitting at all. Marson's hitting .194
Yeah, probably. That Cliff Lee trade sure was something.

Agreed with the comments on the Rays. Barring a Crawford trade, which won't happen if they're in contention, they'll take it easy with Jennings. But imagine an outfield of Crawford, Upton and Jennings
That'd be a really fast one out there. With Jennings at the top of the lineup, Crawford second, Zobrist, Longoria, Upton and Bartlett, that team would be crazy on the basepaths
Oh, I know. I play as them on MLB2K10 for that exact reason. I bunt all game and steal my way around the bases. It's unstoppable.

Rays have very good pitching depth in the minors. I mean it's pretty ridiculous. 5 great pitchers in the majors, with Hellickson, McGee (future closer?), Colome, Torres, Moore and the list goes on...
In the majors, too. Bullpen and rotation. It's really not fair.

Nats should have a solid core once they draft Harper. With Strasburg, Harper, Jordan Zimmerman, Ryan Zimmerman and Drew Storen, that's not too shabby. Derek Norris is looking like a pretty good power hitting catcher as well. Sign a few free agents and it's a pretty decent team.
They still don't have much depth. They're great at the top.

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