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05-14-2010, 10:24 PM
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Opinions of where to go in Scouting Hockey

I'm looking for some opinions from people on here. I've been in contact with a few NHL teams in terms of part-time scouting, and have even had some interviews, and positive feedback.

If i have to leave the NHL alone and look at my second option, I need to decide whether or not to target a scouting service, or OHL teams. I have 40 pages of notes scouting players in person over the course of the year two unnamed teams told me they will likely use my notes at different points at the draft, and asked if that was alright with me, obviously that would be an honour if they acutally did, but my notes are directed towards their NHL potential as supposed to their playing potential in the OHL.

I have already been suggestedly informed by one pay scouting service that if i wanted to work part-time for them, they would welcome the idea. But if my goal is to end up scouting with an NHL team would it make more sense to go to a scouting service, which my notes would apply much better to as written, or to persue an OHL team first, which would likely have much better connections in terms of moving up when i'm ready to move.

Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated as it's a difficult choice and both have their advantages and any extra feedback will be beneficial in making my decision.

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