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05-15-2010, 01:52 AM
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I'd suggest reading post #16 above (and other previous posts).
Thanks. I read the article but it isn't in the direction of my question.

I'm already getting positive feedback from Head/Directors of Amateur Scouting with NHL teams in terms of future potential in scouting, so being in my 20's I have an inside track long term in securing an NHL job eventually..

What i'm wondering is IF i do not wind up with an NHL job, I need to look at alternatives. Those would be either a Scouting Service or attempting to get in with an OHL team.

What i'm wondering is, considering my scouting reports are based on players NHL projection among their talents should I attempt to get in with a Scouting Service. Or considering how well junior teams may be connected to some NHL teams, would it be best to attempt to get on board with an OHL team in hopes of moving up a league over time.

Just looking for some opinions out there.

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