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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
If you can hit that spot from the high slot consistently, that's great area to shoot at for sure, on me at least. Its a slower motion to stretch your glove/blocker all the way out there over your ankle. I don't know if I could stop a shot like yours if it was placed there. I don't think I'd have enough time to get to it even if I saw it right off your stick (maybe if I was way out of the net and didn't have to reach as far). I'm a pretty average goalie at best though.

Where do you play/what level of players are you usually playing against?
I will be 42 in July and am in the process of slowin g it down a bit after a torn bicep last summer which was an injury that would not have happened had i been 10 years younger.

I switched to defense also to use smarts more than all out skating assaults like playing forward. I did that tp stay playing competitively ... sorta.

But I play in an A men's league, a recreational pickup ice rental game a week and also a co-ed very relaxed with some who cannot play just for fun and to help out by passing to people at a higher level of crispness etc. I purposely don't dominate anything there to ruin the fun.

I do take slapshots in the A league only and from the point. I average a goal a game playing defense which pretty decent. I get 2 or more goals in a game and then sometimes go a couple scoring no goals. Hockey is like that.

But yeah I am an old man now and am starting to act like it. I listen to my body .... mark recchi .... God bless him, I know how hard he must work to stay in that shape.

Originally Posted by beavboyz View Post
For some reason pucks always seem like they go faster if they hit something at the end of shot. If you can snipe the bottom half of the crossbar it just makes the shot look so hard and precise.

I bet if he just put it top corner it wouldn't have stood out so much. I think it is because you can see, and hear the beginning and end of the shot.

I thought it would be cool to get some old drum symbols and tie them up for target practice. I would have fun, my neighbours would be pissed
Yes that is true by the way Beavboyz .... I get some woots when it goes in off the pipe. I think it is because we use the non-marking pucks at the rinks I skate at, they are like a more plastic type rubber that freezes marble hard. I used to go through more wood blades when using those old Inglasco NHL quality pucks which freeze harder. The Canadian Tire aND GENERAL TIRE ONES ALSO FREEZE HARDER IF ANYONE NEEDS THAT INFO. Ooops damned caPS KEY!

The newer commercially available Inglascos are a regular vulcanized rubber .... um yeah they really do make different pucks so stop buying those cheap Chinese ones made from recycled tires.

You know you have the good ones when they have that high pitched PINGGGG off the pipe like in the pros instead of a CLUNKK sound.

That is one reason I like the hanging bottles in the net. They make a nice smashy sound when they are not filled with rain water that is. I bet metal coffee cans would rule it .... this gives me an idea! .... I'm sure the neighbors will be thrilled especially the ones living near the outdoor rink at night lol.

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