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05-15-2010, 01:25 PM
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That is pretty light for sure .... i like them a little heavier like the Harrow then again I do not have the cash to try out several different makes and models.

My personal opinion is that lighter is not better with regards to sticks lasting. I shoot hard and have been using the same two Harrow shafts and they are still in fantastic shape, some minor chippin g of the rubber coating from stick whacking etc.

The weight of them according to the website is 365grams for the shaft, and 150 grams for the blade so if you add the blade and shaft together is 515 grams. I also believe that using a heavier stick makes for increased downswing for increased shot speed and power much like using a heavier baseball bat for hitting homeruns.

Much of this stuff should be viewed in the context of whatever style you play, stickhandle in a phone booth with a light stick or bash heavy slapshots using a heavier stick.

I like them at that weight which still feels lighter than my wood ones I used to use. I do know I shoot well with the harrow and they are durable and the most importantly the puck feel is superior to some other sticks out there.

I do not plan on changing what I am using unless I get a sale price on something good and try it out.

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