Thread: Speculation: Kovalchuk, how much is too much?
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05-15-2010, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by The Rainbow Express View Post
Kovalchuk will settle for between 7.5-8 million. Book it.

Many on the main board are uneducated and think that Kovy's #1 priority is to make bank. If this were so he would be set for life down here in Atlanta. Bottom line is that Ilya Kovalchuk wants to win.

Pretty sure Kovalchuk and his agent know they've already passed on the best offer, but Kovy is to proud and works to hard just have his career be thrown away by signing a contract with a team that is run by an ass hat in DW (and I guess now Dudley who isn't much better).

Guy wants to win and make fair money. Seeing you guys are gonna be cup contenders for the next 10 years or so you can easily offer both (something really no other team can).
I agree with everything in this post except for the lack of letters in the word "too"

But seriously, its a pretty simple thing. He would want to play here (assuming he is not all about the weather) because of the team we have. So if he wants to play here so he can skate with Kopi and Brown and Doughty and Johnson and Simmonds with Bernier and QUick behind him, why would he insist on a contract that would prevent the team from retaining those players?

If Kovalchuk is really just testing UFA to see if he can get the largest contract ever handed out (which I doubt), then yeah, screw him. Otherwise he will have to play ball. Or play hockey for another team like the Thrashers. His choice.

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