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05-15-2010, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Letang58 View Post
Littlefield was the worst GM in baseball. The only one who even contests him today is Dayton Moore, and maybe Omar Minaya.

Getting McCutchen was all luck. He probably drafted him on youtube highlight tapes alone. He has nothing to do with the fact that Cutch is now an elite outfielder.
The McCutchen pick is an aberration...seriously, I don't know how it happened.

Littlefield was the worst GM in baseball history. He drafted Danny Moskos over Matt Wieters as a baseball decision. As much as I ****ing hate Pirates ownership, that pick isn't their fault. In the very next draft Huntington showed a willingness to deal with Wieters' agent Scott Boras in signing Alvarez for more than Wieters signed for. I mean, yes, Wieters signed for more than Moskos did...but last year the Pirates signed the 4th overall pick (the pick Moskos was drafted with three years previously) Tony Sanchez for roughly $2.5 million, aka slot value...which has gone up in the three years. Moskos signed for $4.2 million. Not only did Littlefield draft a guy that everyone and their ****ing sister called a sandwich round talent about 35 picks too soon, he paid the guy like he was a legitimate #4 pick. As much as I hate the guy, Bob Nutting wasn't going to stand between $1.8 million in signing bonuses for a guy who is going to make the Orioles...well he's going to make them a lot of money while Danny Moskos, regardless of what he ever accomplishes in the Majors, will always be the most undeserved villain in Pirates history (seriously, can you blame the kid for cashing in when dealing with a ******?).

Ugh. Seriously, I want to dip that ****er in acid for the crimes he committed against the sport of baseball. Screw even just being a Pirates fan, he ****ed baseball up by forfeiting nearly a decade of Pirates baseball. Bob Nutting may well be the worst owner in sports...and he is...but the money the Pirates aren't spending right now that is in the budget is being used equally in improving the scouting and signing budgets three-fold and the rest in savings for future contracts. Huntington, unlike Littlefield, isn't about to use a surplus in budget to trade for Matt Morris (~$10 million contract...and giving up a guy who is an every day starter in the Majors today for him) or claim Cesar Izturis (back-up shortstop making $5.5 million). Either the man has balls like steel or he's legitimately interested in putting a team together that may actually work rather than a team that may win 75 games in a season and extend his contract by a year. The second the Pirates lose Huntington we're back in the horrific place we've been in since Barry Bonds forgot how to throw the ball in October of 1992, because he will get a job offer from an actually legitimate team before long, and we won't luck into a guy like him again.

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