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05-15-2010, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Habitant#1 View Post
I agree with your assessemet but they'e hardly the 'core' of the team and trading them is certainly not 'blowing up the core of a team that made it to ECF' like you suggested earlier. Especially when you're trading them for an established elite player like Iginla.

I think that with the rebuild Gainey and Gauthier put together the message was WIN NOW/SOON, since they passed over an exceppent opportunity to rebuild. Might as well take it all the way now.
When I said blowing up our core I wasn't making reference to Price or Kostitsyn. I said that I consider them excellent complementary players that are essential to our team, on an ok/elite level because you cannot find better right now. We ARE all the way now, it's too late to add a player like Iginla next year unless we get rid of Gomez and change our whole system because Iggy is suited to something a la Toronto with aggressive forechecking. Also he is 32 now, and will be making tons of money until he retires based on reputation, do we really want this?

Originally Posted by HALAKIT View Post
Just because you like to hear yourself talk, doesn't mean you are educated. I could pick holes in your use of the English language if you'd like to compare educations. My opinion is as important as your is, and yours means squat to the Habs organization. I don't kid myself though.
Your opinion is based on the fact that you haven't heard no one talk about AK being an asset for 3 years? And you want to argue about spell checking to prove that your opinion is as good as mine? You didn't even notice sarcasm when ScottyG slapped you in the face with it, wow only 20 posts and already condescending.

Ok answer me this hotshot (lol).

Who would you replace AK and Price with, tell me now. It can't be Iginla because we don't want him and Calgary probably (and shouldn't) take it, and you have to trade them 1 for 1 so we don't lose any other pieces in the process.

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