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05-15-2010, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by obanga View Post
Yeah, I read about that Moskos pick. Reliever turned starter or something. Eek. Really has to make fans cringe when they hear of him.

Matt Wieters is a studly young catcher. Hasn't flashed the power (about .200 iso) or shown the discipline (12-15% walk rate) he had in the minors, but I think it'll eventually come.
Yeah...Moskos was just about the most disasterous pick potentially in baseball history. Even at that #4 slot. Its one of those positions where its somewhat understandable when a team decides to go cheap...but when they pay the guy an exhorbinent sum above slot and the guy behind him, the obvious pick, goes on to not be completely incompetent...yeah. The Pirates have made a ton of completely horrific first round selections in my life, but Moskos will always top them (Bullington may be a close second, but going in the 2002 MLB draft was the equivalent to the 1996 NHL Draft...there was no one highly though of going in). Despite the fact that Littlefield made just about as bad of mid-season decisions as a GM can (spending years of accumulated budge on paying Matt Morris not to pitch and Cesar Izturis to stay on the bench) it was that pick that got him fired. As soon as he made that pick it was obvious that would be his last **** up as GM...until he went and tried to save his job by bringing in Morris and Izturis...oh dear God I want to harm David Littlefield right now.

Once Huntington took the team over he moved Moskos to starter to try to get some value from the pick...but Moskos didn't respond well at all and has rightfully been placed back into the reliever role. He has closer potential, but his control is still mediocre and he doesn't have the strike-out potential to make up for it (as much as I kinda hate Octavio Dotel, he has a knack for walking and allowing as many hits as he can to make a save interesting before striking out the last two batters to end the game...rather fitting considering Dotel leads all relievers in Ks in the past decade...Moskos doesn't have that sort of stuff to make up for his blunders). He could still be a damn good set-up man in the Majors but...yeah...I doubt it will be for the Pirates for too long. Fair or not, the man is the personified failure of 18 years of Pirates shortcomings. At least Brian Bradley, Bryan Bullington, and Sean Burnett before him had injuries to blame. Its unfair for the kid, but considering he got handed about $3.3 million more than he should have received its hard to feel too bad for him.

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