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05-15-2010, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by HALAKIT View Post
I believe you were the one who spoke down to me because I am new to HFBoards. What you failed to take into account is that, just because I am new to this site, doesn't mean I haven't been watching the Habs for 25 years. I've seen lots of talent come and go, and the level of talent that Akos has shown, and his inconsistency, tells me that he can go.
If a good deal comes in for Price, then he goes too. Chances are, they'll go together, so you can hop bandwagons over to whichever team that is.
Wow you're something, trying so hard to attack the poster while you still haven't given me 1 good reason why Price and AK aren't an ok/elite supporting cast like I said, which you aparently think is wrong for me to say. Of course we COULD trade them, any player can be had for the right price, that doesn't mean it's in our best interest to do so. And not for Iginla.

And 25 years, really? I sincerely doubt that, I don't even think you are 25.

Originally Posted by HALAKIT View Post
Can't really blame the man for being exhausted when he's the only talent they have, and the Flames fans are some of the most brutally unforgiving in the league. He would've played his ass off to get that ungrateful team into the playoffs. The man is a machine. He's worth 3 Lapierres and a couple of AKos' thrown in. We'd be very lucky to have him, but he won't be coming. It's a pipe dream. Kind of like the old Lecavalier rumour.
3 Lapierres and 2 Kostitsyns? I don't think you know how this works.

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