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05-16-2010, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by habsfantoronto View Post
I love watching arguments on here sometimes. I really find it amusing seeing the written tone that is taken when addressing someone who is newer on the boards. I usually come here to find news links and rumours about injuries or trades, but every so often there is this conversation witnessed that just cries "internet rhetoric" and I have to keep reading. The two of you bring joy to my heart.

And just to clarify...there is a world outside the walls of ethernet cable you wrap yourself in. If someone is new to a message board it doesn't mean he's 12 and just got a computer, it means that he could have just found this board you have taken ownership of. Doesn't make him a troll for sticking up for himself or his opinions either. We're all Habs fans here so why talk down to someone electronically? That would appear to me that you can't do that in real life and issue it here where it doesn't count.

For the record. Iginla isn't past his prime, he's in it. He would cost too much and probably doesn't want to come here. Kostitsyn may still have something to show us but I think it will come once his brother leaves town so try that first. Price has not proven that he is as good as Halak at the NHL level. If we sign Price, I say sign him for a year or 2 or trade him. To whom? I'm not sure.


And common sense prevails.......thank you Moses, for parting the seas.....

If fully separating the brothers can somehow trigger the inner champion in Andrei (I'm sure he was drafted 10th over-all for a reason), then I for one would trade Sergei ASAP and give Andrei 30 games to prove himself. If he doesn't come around, then trade his ass too.

By the way, I'm a she.

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