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Originally Posted by Newhabfan View Post
This is not paranoid and I'm not accusing anyone of any sort of conspiracy (not yet at least ).

However we all should agree on some basics:

1. The NHL's business plan involves gaining the interest of the American TV networks and public. From this standpoint a series and a SCF with 2 American teams (with large fanbases, like the 3 teams left) would be more effective than if you have a Canadian team there.

2. The approach in selling hockey to the US non-hockey fans that the NHL favors is violence. Violent hits, season ending injuries etc. Remember the post lockout refereeing fiasco that had Walkum resign - sure we control violence during the season, but once the PO start and more casual fans are watching....bring it on baby! We want to see blood!

From this point of view, expecting penalties for violent acts against our "tiny" team is futile. Unless some referee suddenly has an integrity crisis and goes all "Crosby penalty after 10 secs". Happened before.

Not saying that they will rob us. But this could happen and it would make sense.

Anyway - we all know that we are doomed. The flyers will beat us so hard that we will need to hire another 5-6 UFAs just to fill the roster at training camp.

Flyers in 4

I can't agree on point 2. In fact I've been arguing for years that the NHL should embrace it's violent nature in it's US marketing but the simple fact is it doesn't. It's selling Crosby and Ovy and speed and checking. Blood is unwelcome in the "new NHL". Note that the demise of the professional hockey fighter is no accident. Even Philly's not really carrying a goon. Walkolm's resignation has not led to more violence in the league, except for the head shots and hits from behind that have brought the NHL no good coverage at all, and have disgusted real hockey fans. It's true that the Dan Carcillos of the world get away with murder, but so did the Matthew Barnabies of old. I find the refereeing woefully inconsistent, and much worse sinse Walkolm stepped down, but to argue the game is more violent now, especially in terms of bloodletting than in the past is really unsupportable.

Of course the league would like to see Philly advance to gain US exposure, but if the league imposed it's choices, you wouldn't have the Leafs, Blackhawks and Rangers having two cups total in their last (combined) hundred and twenty-odd seasons of hockey. The evidence is overwhelming that the fix is NOT in for the big-market teams.

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