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05-16-2010, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by zorz View Post
Nice, but purpose of that sentecne was that czech players didn't play well, not that swiss team was so strong
What this sentence says is that we had at least 6 very serious scoring opportunities. And that Vokoun allowed only 2 to go in.

then what you say is subject to interpretation.
That you played badly because we played well, or
that you played badly therefore we could play well ...
that is the way you look at it or in other words your interpretation.

I, as a swiss, am happy to see this because we were not spoiled by our national team. We had years of poor international hockey. And our national team is emerging. Step by step. This WC, we have a new trainer, the team is 75% new because sickness/injuries/tiredness and 100% plays in NLA and we witness one of these steps. Therefore i prefer adopting the view of being happy and proud about my team that played well rather than being critic toward the other team and say that we scored because the opponent played poorly.

Therefore Marek may have said that as a critik to his players ... it is his perspective (according to you). He still communicates something that i interpret to my purpose.

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