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Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
I can't agree on point 2. In fact I've been arguing for years that the NHL should embrace it's violent nature in it's US marketing but the simple fact is it doesn't. It's selling Crosby and Ovy and speed and checking. Blood is unwelcome in the "new NHL". Note that the demise of the professional hockey fighter is no accident. Even Philly's not really carrying a goon. Walkolm's resignation has not led to more violence in the league, except for the head shots and hits from behind that have brought the NHL no good coverage at all, and have disgusted real hockey fans. It's true that the Dan Carcillos of the world get away with murder, but so did the Matthew Barnabies of old. I find the refereeing woefully inconsistent, and much worse sinse Walkolm stepped down, but to argue the game is more violent now, especially in terms of bloodletting than in the past is really unsupportable.

Of course the league would like to see Philly advance to gain US exposure, but if the league imposed it's choices, you wouldn't have the Leafs, Blackhawks and Rangers having two cups total in their last (combined) hundred and twenty-odd seasons of hockey. The evidence is overwhelming that the fix is NOT in for the big-market teams.
The bolded part is kinda contradictory. I used "blood" figuratively - I meant players leaving on stretches and aggressors being unpunished.

As for the "no good coverage from head hits" don't fool yourself - there is no such thing as "bad publicity". To prove this : - did you watch the Pens/Bruins game after the Cooke on Savard hit ? Probably yes - I know I did. Would you have watched a random Pens/Bruins game if not for the "murder will happen" atmosphere ? I doubt it.

I would be curious to see what was the coverage and rating of that "marketing move" game, and compare it to regular ratings of Pens/Bruins games.

Building "personal feuds" and "villain characters" that get their way unpunished by referees is move that the NHL took directly out of pro Wrestling.

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