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Originally Posted by gluvhand View Post
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I never said it would actually break down nor that I was worried it would. All I meant was that pros don't need to care if their skates wear down prematurely since they can afford to change skates a few times a year, before they have a chance to break down, unlike common folk like us who hope that our skates will last at least 2 or 3 years. So to base what we should do on what pros do to their equipment is pretty irrelevant.
The fact that pros don't need to worry about a boot breaking down because they can afford to buy or have boots bought for them but still have their boots drilled negates your entire point. And what pros or equipment managers do or have done to their gear is absolutely relevant. Where do you think the manufacturers go for input on new and recent developments that trickle down to us?
You'll have to elaborate on your first sentence, otherwise it makes no sense. And while the manufacturers use pros' inputs, their engineers will study and modify these ideas to make them structurally feasible. I wouldn't hesitate in buying skates with vent holes designed into the insoles since the manufacturer's engineers may have increased the strength of the surrounding area to compensate for the holes, but adding holes in a sole that was only designed to have a specific amount of rivet holes and access holes as in the heels of Bauers is a different story, especially in today's skates which are already a compromise of lightness and durability.

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